Kitchen Design

The key to designing your perfect kitchen is planning

From a basic open-plan kitchen to a more intricate L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen to a galley kitchen that utilises space efficiently; no matter what your budget or design requirements, the team at The Kitchen Factory will work with you every step of the way.

Here are 3 areas within your kitchen that you should consider when planning the design and layout of your kitchen:

1. Food storage

An integral part of your kitchen, the food storage area centres around the fridge and pantry. Primarily used for unloading groceries, retrieving items from the pantry and fridge and preparing drinks and snacks, it's the heart of your kitchen.

2. Food preparation

Centring on the cooktop and oven, this area in your kitchen is used mainly for food preparation, cooking, baking and plating food.

3. Clean up

The third area centres around the sink, dishwasher and disposing of waste and recyclables. Depending on your kitchen layout, additional key areas like a breakfast bar or laundry may also need to be included.



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