Kitchen Appliances

When planning your home’s kitchen renovation, it is a good idea to choose your kitchen appliances first

Here are three good reasons why:

1. Personal preferences

Only you know how you like to cook, what sort of refrigerator you need, how much-frozen food you need to keep handy, what sort of dishwasher and microwave you prefer. Your choice of appliances that help shape the design of your Auckland kitchen.

2. Best use of space

Measurements of your main appliances are crucial to ensuring the spaces required for their fit is accurate in the design. This reduces the likelihood of unwelcome compromises with other items like kitchen benchtops and kitchen lighting. Knowing what appliances your kitchen will have means we can incorporate them into your design as early in the design process as possible.

3. Budget

Knowing what appliances you want helps give us a better idea of your budget for the remaining aspects of your kitchen.

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