The Shaker-Style Kitchen

shaker2Along with new kitchen design, the team at The Kitchen Factory are hard at work updating existing kitchens.

A look that is proving quite popular this year is the Shaker-style kitchen. Ideally suited for villas or older bungalows, Shaker is a design well-known for beautiful craftsmanship and simplicity of style.

Shaker has a rather bizarre provenance, originating from a religious breakaway sect from the Quakers in Manchester, aptly named “Shakers” because of the shaking motions they used in their worship.

Following the guiding principles of honesty, utility and simplicity, furniture and textiles made by the Shakers are renowned for their minimalist design and unstinting quality.

A Shaker-style kitchen is a fairly straightforward design; no frills and no flounces, stylish simplicity. But don’t be lulled into thinking this is a somewhat rigid, austere look; it’s anything but.
Panelled doors and warm wooden surfaces create a calm atmosphere. Natural wood cabinetry, muted tones and oversized wood or china handles are typical. Open shelving allows you to display your favourite china or glassware and basket storage adds a country charm. Freestanding furniture pieces are modest, yet stylish, simple wooden pieces.

shaker1It’s unmistakably a more traditional look, typical of a country-style kitchen, subtle and homely. But there’s no need to skimp on the mod-con’s; combine the conventional Shaker-style craftsmanship with the latest Hafele technology including pull-out pantries, soft-close drawers and hidden bins.

If you’re considering updating your existing kitchen or would like to design your dream kitchen, talk to the team at The Kitchen Factory.




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