Kitchen Renovation; A Step by Step Guide

lifestylekitchensbeforeandafterIf renovating your existing kitchen sounds far too complicated, fear not. It needn’t be a drama.

As with most things, it requires careful planning and organisation. Working with a kitchen design specialist, your kitchen can be revamped into something amazing.

So where do you begin? And what exactly is involved in the kitchen renovation process?

We’ve outlined a step by step guide that will simplify the kitchen renovation process and hopefully inspire you to begin your own kitchen renovation project.

Step 1 – Research
Consider how you use your existing kitchen; does it fit your lifestyle and family? Are there elements in the existing layout that you’d change? What are the important features in a kitchen and what are your priorities or must-haves for your new kitchen?
A good way to keep track of all of your ideas is to start a scrapbook with pictures and ideas from magazines, showrooms, blogs and websites.

Step 2 – Budget
An important step is formulating your budget. While you may not have any idea how much your new kitchen will cost, it’s important that you set a realistic budget from which to start. And be prepared to be flexible; you may need to decide which features in your new kitchen are most important to you and compromise once you have some idea of the cost.

Step 3 – Work with a professional
Plan a meeting with the kitchen design team at The Kitchen Factory and visit our showroom for more kitchen design ideas. We’ll talk about design layout, colour scheme, countertop and cabinetry materials, fixtures and fittings, and appliances. We’ll incorporate your kitchen design ideas and share some of our own.
After measuring your existing kitchen, we’ll draw up a plan, provide you with an estimate of costs and a timeline of the kitchen renovation process. We can manage your entire project, including removal of your existing kitchen and liaising with electricians and plumbers to ensure the work is done at the right time.

Step 4 – Installation Day
Once we have confirmed your installation day, it’s time to pack up your existing kitchen so we can get in, remove all existing cabinetry and begin installing your new kitchen.




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