How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

galleykitchenWhether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen, it pays to get professional advice.

With a little forethought, research and good planning, it is possible to bring your dream kitchen to life, without blowing your budget.

But designing your dream kitchen can be tricky; with so much to think about, just where do you start?

At the Kitchen Factory, we do our best to simplify this process for you. From planning the layout for maximum efficiency to innovative design concepts, we do it all.

Our kitchen design process starts with the kitchen concept inception. At our initial meeting we talk about the style of kitchen you’d like, including details like finish, layout, appliances and any other particular details that are important to your kitchen. We have a number of cabinets, countertops and hardware samples in our showroom so you’ll get a good idea of what we can do.

There are a number of considerations to think about at this point.

1. Work triangle
An important part of the design is the layout and a work triangle concept is a good starting point. It identifies the three key areas in a kitchen, namely the sink, fridge and oven, and calculates the optimum distance between these in order to maximise efficiency in the kitchen.

2. Size of available kitchen space
Once we’ve identified exactly how much space you have for your kitchen, we also consider connection points for electricity and water, placement and dimensions of windows and doors, as well as the position and size of a kitchen table or kitchen island.

3. Basic outline of kitchenworktriangle
Deciding on the basic outline of your kitchen will depend on the amount of space you have available. There are a few choices:

Galley: this walk-through kitchen concept consists of cabinets on two sides with one central corridor in the middle.

L-shaped: a great option for small spaces and open-plan rooms, appliances and counter tops are fitted along two walls with a 90 degree angle between them. This option provides a compact workspace, but frees up space for a dining area.

U-shaped: featuring one entrance and counter space built in a u-shape, this concept is often used to open up the kitchen to the rest of the home and create an appearance of space.

Single line: the sink, cooker and fridge are placed in a single line with limited counter space in between. It’s a compact layout but highly efficient.

Island kitchen: perfect for achieving multiple work areas in the kitchen, this modern style features an island in the centre and is a great option for entertaining.

Another factor to consider is storage space. The corners of the kitchen are often wasted space and ideal for storage. We can suggest a number of space-saving options like pull out drawers and cabinets that will maximise this space.

After visiting your home and taking measurements, noting window and door positions and placement, we draft a plan and quotation, along with a timeline of events. Once signed off, we begin work on your dream kitchen.




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