Are Stone Benchtops Really Worth It?

bench-topYou may be surprised to learn that engineered stone benchtops are quite reasonably priced, when compared with laminate benchtops.

In fact, stone benchtops are generally cheaper in the long run as they’re far more durable, promising a longer lasting kitchen benchtop surface.

Manufactured from up to 93% quartz and about 7% polymer resins and pigments, engineered stone not only looks good, adding a clean, contemporary look to any kitchen, it’s a durable and practical solution.

One of the hardest materials readily available, Quartz is ideal for benchtops. Unlike marble or granite, it’s virtually non-porous. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, heat, scratch and stain resistant. The environmentally friendly alternative, engineered stone is produced in a range of colours and designs not available in natural stone.

But the real advantage to stone benchtops is it adds value to your kitchen and ultimately to your home. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or simply renovating, replacing your old benchtop with a stone benchtop can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen, adding style and sophistication.

The Kitchen Factory fit and install engineered stone benchtops in a range of stylish colours and designs. Visit our showroom today and let us find the ideal kitchen benchtop solution for your next kitchen design or kitchen renovation project.




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